Friday, March 21, 2014

The Loft Effect

This project has been done for a while, but just had time to shoot it today and update my folio :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Projects: Lingerie Store

from Concept to Reality

Lingerie + Luxury 

having this store opened up (soft opening) is a good way to end December <3

Vanita is located at 5th level of Shangrila Mall, East Wing. 

these are just some of the photos i took earlier to check the space after we put down the board-up in the facade... can't wait to finish to the last details! #soexcited

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Real Living Space

So a few weeks ago, this exciting thing happened! The Real Living Space that me and other six designers styled/ designed for Trion Towers was finally out to the public! It was fun because aside from the fact that I was able to work with these other great designers (which I'm very very honored to part of, *thank you*), the event lasted for a couple of days more with seminars, talks, and DIY's for home-design enthusiasts :) And doing the assignments felt like we were in some sort of reality "design challenge" show, topping it off with interviews, event toasting, and so much more.

What is the Real Living Space? You can read about the details here. Meanwhile, I'm going to share a little bit about the room I styled as you scroll down this post :)
The Assigment: 
Each designers were given a client profile and room to design/ style and since this is just a mock up of a current model unit of Trion Towers, we were not allowed to drill nor paint anything on the walls.

I was assigned to style a bedroom for this client:
Married couple, 30 to 35
Working, upwardly mobile, has a combined monthly income of P120,000 to P250,000
They describe their style as "casual, but modern"
Laidback, they prefer to stay home in the evenings to cook, read, and watch TV They go out to eat or on out-of-town trips on weekends

Earthy and neutral.

Since my pseudo client describes their style as "casual yet modern", I spruced it up a bit by placing modern and classic furniture, and played with prints. I also imagined the couple to be in their early years of marriage and the fact that they love going out-of-trips together - I made it more romantic by hanging book pages as a chandelier, added greens/flowers, placed a trunk to hide their trinkets from travels, and just played around with textures. I have to say, this can also be my own bedroom. Comfy, casual, and classy :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Before & After: Toribox Taft

When Toribox (one of my first commercial projects) told me that they are planning to expand & relocate their Taft branch restaurant, I was really excited! Since DLSU is my alma mater, I really wanted to do something that current Lasallians would enjoy hanging out - a cozy, quirky, kpop place :) But this time, the owners requested for a "fast-food" type, very simple that students would order, eat, and go. 

This was the facade when i first visited the place, its good that its plain & white, easier to manage :)
Since we wanted to keep the look "minimal" as much as possible, I decided to play with the textures, and use corrugated aluminum cladding for the walls.
Also added greens in the exterior to lessen the stiffness of the space and allow students to smoke less, since this area/ street is where most students go for their yosi breaks.

The interior wasn't that bad to begin with, I already love that it has brick walls and as much as I wanted to keep these windows and imagine this place to be cozy,  I have to let them go. Our goal is - fast food.
To keep similarity originally found in the San Juan branch, I infused the same chairs and exposed bulbs in the interior with the minimalist industrial look found in the facade. Also added blackboard walls to contrast the all-white interior.


To keep it young & fresh, I asked a friend of mine to draw doodles on the black walls and mirrors. And since the food posters hasn't come out yet last time I visited, I hanged some pictures first to lessen the bare-ness :)


so there. I had fun doing this, and I think doing restaurant interiors is one of my favorite :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Progress Update

I like using this blog to update on the progress of my projects (also something to do while waiting for my 3D files to render). You see, some projects takes a long time to finish... so I take as much photos of the progress instead, to see how each is progressing.

Anyway, this particular one is for the bedroom renovations I've done in an old townhouse in New Manila. We only did the two bedrooms (and bath) since we had a very limited time to work with (during the kid's summer break). We are still not done with some furniture since my client wants to shop for themselves :)

(for a seven and nine year old girls :)

 The curtains there holds as a barrier for the air-conditioner since it is placed in front of the beds. We can't relocate it anymore since there is a builder's regulation, and we're not allowed to tear anything structurally that may affect the facade of the house. I've posted my perspective for this room here, and this is what's happening :)

Note that the beddings, actual curtains, and new furniture/ sofa bed hasn't arrived yet in this photo.
This was not in the perspective, but we added a divider wall on the left side of the room to limit once again, the air-conditioner blow. 
Finally installed the built-in study desk for two girls, which i'm really excited to style soon!


We re-tiled everything from floor to ceiling, and since my client wants an almost all-white bathroom interior, I played with the ceiling, lighting and patterns of tiles instead :) 

(for a fourteen year old girl :)

This is the smaller of the two rooms, so we decided to make it into the achie's (or oldest's) bedroom. Its cute that all three girls almost have the same tastes in interiors, so when achie saw the alcove for the two girls, she also wants for herself :)

Note that the beddings, actual curtains, and new furniture/chair hasn't arrived yet in this photo.
I have to say, as much as I want to veer away from alcoves for now (since I've done it quite a few times in my perspectives already - will show in the future), its still one of my favorite elements! And some of my clients would still ask for the exact same thing in their home - so I just make sure to edit. 

 The wallpaper and custom-made shelf/desk are some of my favorites here :)


I didn't took a before photo of the bathroom here since I know we will change everything from floor to ceiling (it pretty much looks like the same as the other two girl's bathroom).
Again, since they wanted their bathroom interior to be all-white, I just played around with the textures and ceiling :)
All bathrooms have their closets installed inside. Still waiting for the shower glass dividers to be installed, the mirror is temporary (re-used the old one) for now.

I'm just waiting for some of the furniture they made/ordered, so I'll show you again once its finally done :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feature: Real Living May 2013

for Real Living Ph's May 2013 issue, i helped styled & contribute for the Decor Ideas section - Become a Mix Master. It's all about mixing store-bought pieces with thrift items, something that I loved doing for a while in my own space :) and thankfully, I was able to find furniture pieces that can match some items that i have been collecting for a while, and yes, its a breather to style something rustic & old for a change :)


(i didn't know we would be doing a 5-page feature and that i would be included in the set-up so sorry nalang for my #hulas outfit, hair and makeup! lol)
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